Good oral health is always important, but becomes even more so during pregnancy, especially since now you have two lives to worry about rather than just yours.

Hormones, which are essentially chemicals secreted by the brain and some other organs, influence your body in various ways. During pregnancy, hormone levels can be off the charts, meaning dental problems may become more frequent and serious for you than was the case before pregnancy. Some of these problems are:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Abnormal levels of a hormone called progesterone can make your gums more red, warm and swollen. Your gums might even bleed with the slightest pressure of a toothbrush; left untreated, it can develop into periodontitis, a more serious dental condition.

Pregnancy Tumors

These are lumps that develop on the gums, especially in the area between your teeth. While these tumors are not cancerous, and usually disappear after pregnancy, you should see your dentist for excision if it causes severe pain.

Loose Teeth

High levels of progesterone and estrogen (another hormone) can weaken the tissues and bones surrounding your tooth, loosening the tooth.

Tooth Decay

During pregnancy, you have more acid in your mouth, which can break down the tooth enamel, the hard, outer layer of a tooth. Morning sickness and frequent vomiting only accelerate the tooth decaying process.


You should seek a dentist’s help if during pregnancy you experience bad breath, sore gum, mouth sores, toothache or any of the other symptoms listed above.


While pregnant, the treatment options may be a little different. However, even with pregnancy, X-rays of the teeth can be taken safely. Just let your us know about the pregnancy and any medications that you may be on.


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