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Bringing your child to the dentist, early and often, is a fundamental part of keeping their mouth healthy and teeth shining bright. Trips to the pediatric dentist, while in your eyes may just be a routine appointment, can be frightening to a child due to unfamiliar machines, sights, and people. Since oral health is such an important part of your child’s growth, it is important to help your child become relaxed and at east when visiting our office!

Here are a few tips that can help keep your child relaxed and smiling while at the dentist:

The earlier the better. If a child is brought to the dentist only for emergency visits, this may strike them with fear when they do visit. The fear of the unknown can be scary for a little one, so it is best to bring them in young, once the first tooth is visable. Continue to bring them multiple times a year to ensure their teeth are healthy. This will also help acclimate them to their new dental home!

Simplicity and a walkthrough. The first visit to the dentist may frighten your child more than any other future visit. It’s important to not overwhelm them with too much information and intrusion on the first visit. Explain to them small bits of information about their teeth and mouth, allow them to look at and play with models of the mouth, and show them their own teeth by opening up wide in front of the mirror. Stay away from using “scary” words or showing them dental tools. Keep it simple and fun!

Necessity.  Stress the importance of the dentist to your child by telling them that everyone has to go to the dentist. Explain that the dentist is your friend who will keep your teeth healthy and strong every time you visit the dentist’s office. Let them believe that visiting a dentist is not a choice, but a necessity. This will show them how important their oral health is.

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