Long summer days, warm nights, and no school is a welcome break for kids, and parents too. Don’t let the danger of tooth decay creep into your summer plans. Follow these tips to keep your smile shining all season.

Stay on a Routine

Late nights and no morning rush can wreak havoc on your routine, especially your children’s. Make sure they brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and don’t let them skip the flossing. Make sure kids floss between teeth that touch. Keep in mind that younger children may not have the motor skills needed to floss properly. Use the hand-over-hand method to guide them.

A brushing calendar with stickers is the perfect way to stay on track. Make it fun (and more effective) by letting kids trade their completed calendars with a reward. And that calendar can go on vacation with you!

Limit The Sugar and Sweets

Hot weather, festivals, and community events bring sugary snacks into our summer plans. If we don’t keep track of what we’re eating, summer can become a dental disaster and could mean time spent in the dental chair instead of a beach chair. We don’t have to avoid sugar altogether, we just simply need to limit them.

Keep fruit, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and other high-protein low-sugar breakfast foods on hand. Make plenty of cold, refreshing water available. Discourage kids from snacking too often. A break from snacking gives our mouths a chance to cleanse teeth naturally with saliva.

Don’t Forget To Schedule Your Back-To-School Dental Check Up

Make that back-to-school checkup early in the summer. You’ll beat the August rush as some schools require dental checkups for certain grades upon returning. At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk & Nassau County, we can spot trouble early to help avoid toothaches and missed classes during the school year. Our dental professionals say that regular dental visits are the best way to keep healthy smiles the year around. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!