Before you know it, summer vacation will be in full swing. Picture late breakfast times, pool days, and BBQ cookouts at night. With all of the fun and excitement during the summer, it’s not uncommon for your child’s healthy habits to fall to the waist side. Summertime is definitely a sweet treat, but that doesn’t mean your kids should eat one.

Summer Snacks Your Child Should Avoid

Ice cream and popsicle sticks. These frozen treats can be very tempting for your little ones on a warm, summer day. But, it’s important to remember how much sugar they contain. This sugar will latch to their teeth and gums and can cause cavities and tooth decay. Keep a bowl of mixture fruit in the fridge instead for snacktime.

Sodas and sports drinks. Warmer weather means little league sports teams and sports drinks to quench their thirst. Instead of throwing a sugar-based drink in their bag, reach for the water instead. You can add fresh lemons or limes to their water to give it a slight taste.

Candy. Be careful when you hear the icecream man driving down your block. Not only does he sell ice cream, but he also has many candy options. While it’s ok for your kids to enjoy a piece of candy here and there, having too much can cause serious damage to their oral health.


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