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It’s hard to believe summer will soon be coming to an end. Bringing your child to the dentist while it’s still summertime will save you the hassle of making time for it later in the school year! Finding time between your child’s school schedule, after school activities, and your own work schedule won’t be easy.

Not only will scheduling a visit now help you avoid scheduling conflicts, but children usually need a teeth cleaning towards the end of summer. Diets are not as consistent during the summer and might include more foods that can be harmful to your child’s teeth. Normal day to day routines are also not followed as much due to school not being in session. A break in a consistent routine could mean that children may forget to brush or floss here and there. Letting a dentist check their mouths and give them a good cleaning can help put them back on track with their oral care routine. .

To maximize the convenience for our customers, we have two locations! With offices, in Commack and Medford, Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County will make sure your child gets the best oral care available. So schedule an appointment today and send your child to the first day of school with a smile they can be proud of!