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April is National Facial Protection Month. This means that now, more than ever, you should be thinking about ways to protect your child’s face, and especially those pearly whites!  April brings warm weather, and with warm weather comes spring sports and outdoor activities. Follow these simple steps to keep your child’s face and teeth safe, while enjoying the season.

  1. Guard your mouth.  Mouth guards are extremely important, especially when playing contact sports.  They help to secure your child’s teeth in place without disrupting their normal speech and breathing patterns.  Invest in a mouth guard now, and potentially save yourself tons of money in injury repair down the line!
  2. Helmets help!  Riding a bike? Rollerblading to the park?  Maybe you’re child is not so coordinated, and insists on bouncing about on the trampoline.  Make sure they’re wearing a helmet!  Helmets are extraordinarily beneficial for any type of outdoor activity, because they are able to absorb the force of impact and prevent head trauma.
  3. Protect your eyes.  Just as important as a perfect smile, is great eyesight!  Make sure to pick up a pair of protective goggles for your child.  Does your child wear glasses?  Not a problem! Protective goggles can be perscription as well.
  4. Shield your face.  Is your child the next Major League Baseball catcher or National Hockey League goalie?  Maybe they’re more into running around with a football or lacrosse stick in tow.  No matter what sport your child is interested in, investing in a quality face mask can be well worth your while.  A mask can protect your child from a wild pitch or goal shot, potentially preventing a chipped or lost tooth!

At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, we know how accident prone kids can be!  Make sure to discuss mouth and face safety with your children before the warmer weather has them running rowdy.

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