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To pull or not to pull a loose baby tooth? That’s the question all parents are asking. This might be a scary and stressful time for you and your child, but once it finally falls out, it will be an unbelievable experience. The earlier your child’s teeth come in, the earlier he or she will lose them. Even if the tooth is lose it probably wont fall out right away.
Here are a few tips you can help your kiddies along in the process of losing a first tooth
  • Encourage them to move their tooth around with there tongue to help loosen it.
  • If they must use their hands, make sure they wash up before attacking the tooth.
  • As soon as the tooth comes out, have your child bite down on gauze or a clean washcloth to stop any bleeding. 
  • If the gum area gets swollen, call your Pediatric Dentist.
  • Will the tooth fairy make an appearance? If so, have them place the tooth under the pillow so the magic fairy can come and surprise them!
  • Push your child to brush their teeth even more since they have a grown up tooth coming in. 

Be sure to soak up every moment – this is a huge experience for your little one!

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