Flossing isn’t the most comfortable dental routine we take part in, but it’s one of the most necessary. As we get older, it’s easy to understand the importance of dental hygiene and the preventive measures we can take to ensure great oral health. But, how do we instill this same mindset in children without a comprehensive understanding of why oral health is important? We have some tips for you to encourage your kids to floss!

Buy Fun Products

There are multiple brands and flavors of floss out there, as well as textures. Let your child choose on that they like and tastes good to them.

Teach Them

Kids love to follow their parents, older siblings, and those they look up to. Teach them the proper way to floss and make it seem like less of a task and more of a fun activity.

Start Early

Make this equivalent to brushing their teeth. If you start young, they will never know this is an option and just think of it as part of their daily routine.

Use Incentives

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but every kids loves a good competition. For examples, if your child flosses for 2 weeks without being asked, they can stay up and hour later watching their favorite shows. It’s that simple!


If you have more questions about flossing and ways to get your kids to floss, contact us! We’re here to help!