Many food manufacturing industries produce foods strictly for taste to entice children and adults. As a result, oral health continues to diminish day after day. Conversely, children have turned to these processed foods without any knowledge of the risk their oral and body health is facing. That’s why it’s your obligation as a parent, and ours as your child’s dentist, to help your child understand the importance of what goes into his/her body and to make healthy choices to ensure a happy, healthy mouth.

Many vitamins and minerals have oral health benefits, and most parents are unaware of the foods, fruits, and vegetables that can positively impact your kids’ oral health. With that said, this article aims to highlight and discuss some of the crucial vitamins and minerals that can assist in your child’s oral.


Ingesting an inadequate amount of iron can result in mouth and tongue sores. Iron has a significant role in the transportation of oxygen in the mouth, meaning that lack of iron can lead to bacteria build-up and increase your child’s risk for infections.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin helps in the conversion of food to energy which facilitates the nervous system to function effectively. Inadequate consumption can lead to the production of bad breath and bacteria buildup in the mouth.

Crunchy Foods and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are known for the nutritional benefits they have in raw form. They contain vitamins such as C, E, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and folic acid that increase the production of saliva. This is useful for cleansing food particles from the gums and teeth and reduces bacteria to prevent the teeth from forming cavities.


This mineral is mostly found in green and black tea. Most individuals may underestimate the benefits of tea on your oral health. Polyphenols help in removing toxic substances in the mouth. Moreover, the mineral performs a significant role in reducing the growth of bacteria in the mouth to reduce cavities and other oral diseases. The mineral slows down the process of plaque build-up as well as bad breath.


Calcium is a mineral that increases the PH level of the saliva. Increased PH neutralizes the acid substance that stimulates the growth of teeth bacteria. Calcium also strengthens the teeth’s enamel and promotes healthy growth.

It’s essential that your child is consuming the right amount of vitamins and minerals daily to promote a healthy mouth and overall healthy future. If you have questions about which foods or drinks contain these minerals, contact us!