Smiling feels great and can help you look your best, but many people don’t realize smiling can actually enhance your overall health. Smiling has many benefits that can help adults and children. It is important to smile if you want to be your healthiest self.

Smiling Can Reduce Stress

If you’ve ever been in a classroom, you’ll understand right away the things kids have to be stressed about. Teach your child to slap a smile on their face and they can start reducing their stress at an early age. Children who are able to better manage stress will have an easier time living a stress-free life as they get older and enter the workforce.

A Smile Can Take the Pain Away

Think back to the last time your child was hurt or scared. The chances are that you shot them a smile to make them feel better. Not only will smiling¬†at¬†them help take the pain away but encouraging them to smile can also help take their pain away. Teaching your child to smile when they are hurting will give them an outlet for when they scrape their knee or bump their head. Of course, a kiss on the “boo-boo” is also a necessity.

Smile Side Effects Include a Stronger Immune System

When you smile more, you’re relaxed more. If your child has a reason to smile often, he or she will be relaxed as often as they are smiling. A child who smiles more will be more relaxed and can have a better immune system thanks to the relaxation.

Smiling Encourages Positive Social Skills

Sometimes, all it takes to make a friend is a smile. Don’t worry about how your child is getting along with their peers if they smile often. Children who smile more often tend to have others drawn to them! This will help your child make friends.


Don’t forget to have a good time in life, and never forget to show off beautiful teeth! For more dental questions, contact us today!