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Hey, parents! Are you doing everything you can to keep your children healthy? Your child’s diet is a huge part of their overall health.

Although you don’t have to cut out all of those yummy sugary foods we all love once in a while, remember, everything in moderation!

Here are a few foods you should only let your child eat sporadically. What foods do you have trouble keeping away from your children? Let us know on our Facebook page

For more information about foods that may be harmful to your child’s health, please CLICK HERE.

Microwave Popcorn: Microwave popcorn contains various chemicals that can be harmful to your children’s health. If popcorn is something your children love to snack on, try popping your own instead of purchasing it at the grocery store.

Processed Meats: Although many processed meats appear to be kid-friendly and super easy to prepare for a meal, these meats are filled with nitrates, fat, preservatives and sodium. If your kids are requesting lunch meat, stick with preservative-free options, or slice your own turkey and chicken breast at home.

Soda: As we mentioned earlier, everything in moderation. An occasional soda is OK, however, several sodas throughout the day isn’t healthy for your child. Soda contains various acids and high levels of sugar that aren’t good for your children’s overall health.

Yogurt: Overall, yogurt is an extremely healthy option for any diet. However, yogurt geared towards children is not. Most of the healthy ingredients are overshadowed by all of the artificial colors and sugar that children’s yogurt contains. Try buying plain yogurt and sweeten it up with fruit, nuts or raisins.