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What is a cavity? The word has a negative connotation for a reason. A cavity develops when a tooth essentially rots and thus breaks downs. It is a hole in the tooth that grows bigger and deeper over time, wreaking havoc on your smile. This hole develops as a result of excess plaque build up. Plaque is made up mostly of germs. When these germs combine with the bacteria that is already present in the mouth an acid is formed. The acid then eats away at tooth enamel.

When you avoid going to the dentist, you are allowing plaque to build up and the acid to continue to eat it’s way through enamel. This cause the inside part of the tooth to decay. Think about the pain associated with a toothache that reaches all the way inside the tooth where the nerve endings are located. Ouch!

Protect your child’s teeth and avoid a painful dental experience by scheduling routine check-ups with Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County! Our caring and gentle approach to dentistry allows us to provide children with a positive experience and the best dental care possible. We emphasize preventative care and recommend regular hygiene visits and continual home oral care to help each child have the best possible chance at a beautiful smile!

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