Every parent has dealt with difficult situations where their child is afraid of something. It is any parent’s nightmare to have to fight their kid to go somewhere that is necessary to maintain proper health like going to the dentist. Pediatric dentists have become more and more popular because they are highly trained professionals specially trained to care for kids.

First Impression Is Everything To A Child

Going to the dentist for the first time is a critical point in a child’s life. It is a necessity to teach them the importance of dental health. Their first experience can be crucial in maintaining proper care of their teeth. If a child goes to the dentist and has a bad experience, then going forward, they will be afraid to go back making it more difficult for both the child and the parents. One of the goals of Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County is to mold a child’s behavior specifically related to dental care and to create a positive, fun environment.

Special Training

To create this type of environment, our entire team of dentists has completed a two-year pediatric dental residency. Because of our many hours spent working with kids, we can better interact with children to make their experience at the dentist a positive one. The dentists at the Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County all utilize different methods to make going to the dentist fun; one of our dentists even sings to his patients!

Our dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are up to date with current dental practices, and most are active members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This means that our team of dentists attend the most up-to-date continuing education classes to be better able to care for their patients.

Certifications and Schooling

Our team of dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County have all received their dental degrees at various accredited universities and are all board-certified dentists with current, active licenses.

The dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are ready and willing to serve the children and families in the community. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!