The long, warm days of summer have finally arrived. For your child, it is the best time of the year, a time of freedom and fun days spent with friends. If your child will be attending a sleepover this summer, don’t forget to include these dental essentials while packing their bag.

What to Include in Your Child’s Summer Sleepover Bag For Healthy Teeth

You can’t assume that your child will find everything needed for proper dental care while at a sleepover. That’s why you need to pack all of the necessities including:

  • A fresh toothbrush

If it gets lost, it’s no big deal; there’s still one at home.

  • A travel tube of toothpaste

You can pack your child’s regular tube, but a travel size is more compact.

  • Mouthwash

If your child rinses with mouthwash every night, such as an oral fluoride rinse, you can pack that as well.

  • Floss

If your child is at least ten, send the floss to make sure those teeth get the attention they deserve, especially if they will be eating junk food!

Talk to the Adult in Charge About Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Routine

Make sure that you discuss your child’s oral hygiene regimen with the adult in charge of your child during the sleepover. An adult should supervise the use of a fluoride rinse or any mouthwash, as well as make sure that your child brushes morning and night to keep a clean mouth and healthy teeth.

Talk to Your Child About Healthy Teeth Before the Sleepover Begins

Tell your child how important it is to take care of your teeth to ensure positive trips to the dentist in the future. The more they understand about dental hygiene, the easier it will be for them to keep up with their routine when away from home.

For other dental care tips and items to include in your child’s sleepover dental care bag, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions to help keep your child’s mouth in great shape!