Too much sugar can certainly be bad for your health, particularly your teeth. When sugar is left on your teeth, it gives bacteria the food it needs to thrive and create cavities. It’s important to reduce the amount of sugar your children consume to ensure they stay healthy. Here are some ways to reduce their sugar intake:
Check Labels: Many times we don’t realize just how many grams of a sugar is in some of our favorite foods. Checking the labels will not only educate you on what you’re putting into your kids bodies, but will also help you make better decisions about what to feed them in the future.
Opt For Fresh, Never Canned: When it comes to fruit, fresh is always king! Canned fruit is often processed and preserved in a sugary syrup, negating the healthy purpose of eating fruit in the first place. If canned is your only option, be sure to choose fruits that specify being packed in 100% natural fruit juice over a “light syrup.”
Drink Water, Not Soda: By now, you’ve already heard about the dangers of drinking soda. But did you know that a 12 oz can of soda contains over 39 grams of sugar!? That is crazy! Always choose water to serve your kids over soda to avoid getting them into that sugary habit in the first place.
Try Xylitol: If your child is asking for some gum to chew, giving them gum with Xylitol can actually help them reduce cavities. Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from plants and doesn’t break down like sugar in the mouth. It can help your child’s mouth maintain a neutral pH level and help bacteria from sticking to their teeth.
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